Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Quick Recap

Nails clipped at Petco - no problem.

Took a quick ride to the dog park - too cold.

Pooped in the back of the mommy's new jeep - big trouble.

The mommy gave me a bath - all better. :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Trips Trips and More Trips

The Hoomans are planning trips without me!!

I heard them talking about a snow tube. I like snow and tubes - why aren't I invited on this trip? I am not sure what they have in store for me when they go, but it better be good!

The mommy and daddy are also planning a trip without me and the littles!! They are going to a weeding or something. The grandma is coming to stay with us overnight. This will be her test to see if she can handle me for the big trip they are taking in April.

The big trip is for a whole week. I bet they miss me and start booking animal friendly trips post April!!

I did hear that the Pug meet up is this weekend - maybe they will take me there or at least to the dog park. I need a little puppy play time - these cats are too stuffy!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Ridiculous Snow Day

We had a snow day yesterday which was just pathetic compared to others that I have been seeing on the blogs. The schools closed and the mommy had to take a day off from work for snow that has already melted. We took some photos this morning of our snow man that is melting into the ground. Yesterday the ground was covered with snow but then it started to rain and we woke up this morning to this:

see me behind the melting man and the littles (they ran out with no coats in 27 degree weather).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Award Tuesday

Thank you Clementine for this beautiful award. I am not sure what it says but, I love it and hope it is not censored (look at the lady bugs - they do not look very lady like).

UPDATE - REMOVED IMAGE after further review this image was found to be inappropriate.

Clementine says - "It represents the blogs that truly love someone or something. It´s a ladybug and they are know for giving us luck whenever we see one. So now I have to pass this on to other 5 blogs."

I can always use some luck and I hope you can too - I would like to give this award to the following (if you have already received one, then now you will have 2x the luck!!)

Pearl and Daisy
Devil Dog and Lucky
Pug Possessed

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Pug Poem by Rosie

My new dog food is yummy and I like it very much
but mommy says it gives me gas and
sticks a whole bunch;

I have been good with my poo poo and
have been going outside
however when I have bad gas
it stinks a lot inside;

I guess the family should be happy that
they have no mess to clean
but when my butt stinks so bad
they act a little mean;

They smell the stinky smell
and look all around
and then they see me
laying on the ground;

I look at them with my big brown eyes
with a little twinkle
because I know my poopy smell
will make their noses wrinkle!!!!
Poem by: Rosie

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fantastic Friday

This is me today - I had a bath, I ran around outside and I am taking a nap.
A Fantastic Friday!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grandma's or Doggie Sleep Over

The hooomans are planning a trip to some place far away in April and I heard them discussing where I should stay. The Grandma offered to watch me at her house or I can go to the doggie daycare pet resort for a whole week. I am so undecided on which place would be more fun so I decided to make a list:

Grandma House Pros
lots of good food and treats
Free food and care
walks on the leash
lots of hugs and kisses
grandma loves pugs
I can sleep in her bed

Grandma House Cons
Grandpa does not love pugs
Grandpa may accidentally let me out without a leash (mommy worries too much)
no fenced in yard to play in
I may chew and pee a lot at grandma's house (again mommy worries too much)
It is a far car ride to get to grandma's house

Pet Resort Pros
Lots of other dogs to play with
big yard to play in
safe play area with people watching
mom and dad can see me on the internet
I stayed there before and really liked it
the resort is down the street from my house
the hoomans watching me are really nice
if I pee and chew mommy is paying them (another mommy comment)

Pet Resort Cons
I have to sleep in my crate
the hoomans watching me are not my family
the hoomans watching me smoke and make me smell

Where would you want to stay?
I cannot decide.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

REVISED - Joe Stains Worthy?? - POTTY WARNING


After reviewing a comment from Pug(s) and Bugg, I posted the comparison below. It is a stain of one of our great states!!! WOW!!

I have been reading this really funny dude's blog - Joe Stains and waiting to see if he would be giving out another one of his coveted stain awards. I think I have a pretty good submission. Tell me what you think of this one:
I must mention that this stain was set and froze because the mommy put the pillow that I stained outside in the 15 degree weather.
BTW, this is a frozen #1 but could be confused for a #2.

Keeping Warm

First, I would like to thank Rachel, Winston and Clementine's mom, for all the good suggestions regarding food for me. The mommy is going to try a new brand.

Second, I wanted to acknowledge this very special day in history and would like to note that I will be watching the hoomans inauguration of the new president of the USA, Barack Obama and

Third, I wanted to share some pictures from this weekend.
It has been very cold at my house so, I like to sleep in this bed to keep warm. It was one of the cats beds, but I decided to take it over. As you can see, I have to squeeze myself in and I just about fit.

I also play in this warm bed because it is much too cold to play outside.
and when I get really cold and tired - I like to cuddle up and sleep with the littles.

What do you do to stay warm?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's for Dinner?

Lately, I am hating the food that the mommy is buying. I am not sure if it is because I like the smell of the humans food and would rather beg to eat theirs or if the food the mommy is buying just stinks. Can you other pugs/dogs make some good food suggestions that I can relay to my mommy? We of course don't want to break the bank with the most expensive food, but we don't want me unhappy either :)
Thanks with love from my tummy,

I AM a good girl (when I want to be)

I really am a good girl and I am smart too. Like how I snatch the cookie at the end and I always have to eat my cookie on a rug.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Potty Mouth in the Crate

I spent last night in my crate - and I was not very happy about it!!

Let me tell you the story...
You see, the daddy was home yesterday and thought it would be a good idea to rig up a hole to the basement door that the cats could fit through but, I couldn't. This was planned to let the cats get to their litter box and to keep me out of it!
I smartly stayed away from the rigged up daddy hole all day and when night came and the daddy was a sleep, I squeezed through the hole and had my fill from the litter box.
The mommy found me and boy was she MAD! She called me a potty mouth, carried me upstairs and told me to stay OUT of the box.
I of course am a Pug and as soon as she was not looking, I squeezed back through the hole in the door and had my fill from the litter box.
The mommy found me again and boy was she MAD! She put me in my crate for the night and went to bed.
Boy was I mad at that especially when she did not even come when I barked, whined and cried so I did pee pee in my crate!!
When the daddy got up he asked why I was in the crate - the mommy told him - and he then screwed up a cover on the hole in the door and now none of us can get downstaris unless one of the humans opens the door.
I hope she will let me sleep with her tonight. She said I need a bath and my teeth cleaned. I think I smell pretty good. :)
Potty Mouth Pug,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jet # 1 of the Three

When I started this blog, my intention was to talk about my life and how I am living with 3 cats. Many times, I do not talk about the cats because they are pretty boring. All they do is lay around all day and try to avoid me. In fact, only one of them will even come near me. His name is Jet. So today, I will blog about Jet so you can learn who he is and how I feel about him.
This is Jet:

As you can see, he is very, very, very hairy. So hairy, that I heard the mommy say that she has developed allergies to cat hair from Jet. Jet also likes to sit on the mommy's lap which is my favorite place to sit too so we fight for attention.
See us fighting:

We don't try to hurt each other - we are just play fighting. I enjoy these scuffles since I do not have another dog to play with even though I know I could whoop him good if I wanted too. The mommy says "Rosie be easy on him".

Jet is 1 years old and lived in the house before me. He stays inside, but lately likes to sneak in the back yard - I think this is because he sees me go outside and is jealous. He also thinks that when I get a good girl cookie, he should get a kitty treat. I don't know why - he did not do anything good.

Jet also likes to eat my dinner which is not fair because the mommy puts his dinner up high so I can't get at it - so many times he gets to eat a little of both.
Jet also likes to sleep in my crate.
See Jet in my crate:

Yesterday, the daddy put me in my crate on his way out the door and locked me in their not knowing that Jet was in there too. We had to sit together in those close quarters for quite sometime until the daddy came back home. (Not Funny).
All in all I guess I like this hairy guy - he has become my playmate and companion. I would miss him if he accidentally snuck out the back door and got lost.
Coming soon - Jet's Sister, Gabby #2 of the Three

Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Cold

It is cold and will be getting even colder at my home. It was so cold this morning that I did not even want to go to the bus with the littles which is one of my daily highlights. This morning I did pee pee on my giant pillow bed because it was too cold to go outside. I was hoping the pillow bed would absorb the pee and the mommy would not know I went but, when I did not go outside the mommy knew I already did the pee pee somewhere else. She looked everywhere and when she picked up the big pillow the pee pee dripped out the other side. The pillow makers should really think about making more absorbent bed pillows for pugs. Hope you are all staying warm and toasty!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is how I like to spend my down time - relaxing in my favorite chair.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello 2009

I am very excited about this new year. We actually kicked it off with a visit to the dog park and I met a new Pug friend named Cozmo. He was so much fun to play with and we had a good time running around with the other "small" dogs. When we first arrived, the Mommy let me run around in the "large" dog area for a while with my friend Neptune. Running with the big dogs is a lot of fun, but the Mommy gets nervous sometimes because they all have big teeth and don't always play nice. Neptune had a little scuffle with a German Shepard and his Daddy took him home. That is when we went to play with the "small" dogs.
I love the dog park so much that one of my New Year's resolutions for 2009 is to have the Mommy take me to the dog park at least 2x per month. This is probably an easy resolution to stick to since the Mommy likes to go as much as me :) (that is why I love the mommy).
Another one of my New Year's resolution is to stop begging for pancakes in the morning from the littles. I already broke this resolution this morning :( - the smell of pancakes is too tempting to not beg. I will try again tomorrow morning.
My last resolution for 2009 is to try to pee and poop outside all the time. I know the Mommy just went to a lot of trouble to clean every rug in the whole house and I would not want to stain them up again - this is another very difficult one to keep, but I will try my hardest.
I hope you are all trying to stick to your resolutions and I want to wish you Good Luck!