Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grandma's or Doggie Sleep Over

The hooomans are planning a trip to some place far away in April and I heard them discussing where I should stay. The Grandma offered to watch me at her house or I can go to the doggie daycare pet resort for a whole week. I am so undecided on which place would be more fun so I decided to make a list:

Grandma House Pros
lots of good food and treats
Free food and care
walks on the leash
lots of hugs and kisses
grandma loves pugs
I can sleep in her bed

Grandma House Cons
Grandpa does not love pugs
Grandpa may accidentally let me out without a leash (mommy worries too much)
no fenced in yard to play in
I may chew and pee a lot at grandma's house (again mommy worries too much)
It is a far car ride to get to grandma's house

Pet Resort Pros
Lots of other dogs to play with
big yard to play in
safe play area with people watching
mom and dad can see me on the internet
I stayed there before and really liked it
the resort is down the street from my house
the hoomans watching me are really nice
if I pee and chew mommy is paying them (another mommy comment)

Pet Resort Cons
I have to sleep in my crate
the hoomans watching me are not my family
the hoomans watching me smoke and make me smell

Where would you want to stay?
I cannot decide.


Unknown said...

that is a tough call. my puggies always stay with their grand-ma-maw when we go away - they've never stayed at a pet 'resort' but that is partially because Clementine thinks other dogs are only there for her to aggravate in to submission and is often what you might call an 'instigator' if you're a sweet girl with other puggies, I would vote for the pet resort!

Salinger The Pug said...

Oh wow Rosie...tough call! My hoomans send me to a pet resort because my grandma lives too far away (and I don't think she'd babysit me anyway...she's not a fan of animals).

My mommmy is leaning toward Grandma's house because of the smoking thing. That isn't cool.

Good luck with your decision!