Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keeping Warm

First, I would like to thank Rachel, Winston and Clementine's mom, for all the good suggestions regarding food for me. The mommy is going to try a new brand.

Second, I wanted to acknowledge this very special day in history and would like to note that I will be watching the hoomans inauguration of the new president of the USA, Barack Obama and

Third, I wanted to share some pictures from this weekend.
It has been very cold at my house so, I like to sleep in this bed to keep warm. It was one of the cats beds, but I decided to take it over. As you can see, I have to squeeze myself in and I just about fit.

I also play in this warm bed because it is much too cold to play outside.
and when I get really cold and tired - I like to cuddle up and sleep with the littles.

What do you do to stay warm?


Unknown said...

Oh, Rosie - that does look warm! We are jealous of your cozy bed. Let us know how the new food works out!

The Devil Dog said...

Curl up with mom in her lap, or on the sofa with PlusOne and the blanket.