Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for this beawootiful award from Mrs. Martha and Bailey Basset. "Comprovado! Seu blog tem nectar" is Portuguese for "Proven! This (it's) blog has nectar." How sweet!

Thank you Martha and Bailey you ladies are very sweet too. I would like to pass this on to Pearlie poo because she is the sweetest little thing with those bows in her hair.

Loves from pugs, Rosie Marie

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today is a Beautiful Day

I am feeling much better today - thank goodness. The mommy said no more hooman food for me - it does not agree with my insides!!

The grandpawrents came down a 3rd time this weeeknd for the party. I thought I would mention that I was originally going to stay with them for an extra week until the day of the party and then they were going to bring me back home - but the grandmaw decided to make a special trip last weekend to return me so that I was waiting for my family when they came home. I am not sure if she was trying to get rid of me or was just being a nice gradmaw (I would hope the latter but for some reason think not). I heard her talking about having her bed back????
Well, thank goodness the hoomans don't have any trips planned for a while. I think the grandpawrents need time to rest.

Today is the most beautiful day in NJ. If you live around me be sure to get outside today it is just PERFECT.
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pretty v. Not So Pretty


Not so Pretty
Yesterday the hoomans had a Communion party for the little. Lots of fun and table scraps for me. Me being a Pug, I cannot resist food and it led to a very uncomfortable night and day today. The mommy has been walking around with rolls of paper towels all day.
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Simple Sunny Saturday

80 degrees and sun bathing on the deck.

Mom I WAS sleeping.
Two beawootiful girls.

Hope your enjoying your Saturday too!
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Red Rosiehood

Well, enough of the hoomans - back to my grandpawrents house stories. I did not run into any big bad wolfs at my grandpawrents - but I thought the title was catchy BOL.
One of my favorite things at my grandpawrents was their furniture. It was really tasty. Their wooden chairs tasted much better then ours at home. They must have a better quality dining room table then the mommy. I tried to chew those table legs as much as possible when the grandmaw was not looking. It was really great when she had to leave the house because she did not bring my crate to her house BOL - it was a chew fur all!!
I also played a lot of games while visiting the grandpawrents. It was so fun - whenever the grandmaw got on the phone or did not pay 100% attention to me I jumped up on her couch and knocked all 10936 pillows on the floor. It was so fun grabbing them in my mouth and tossing them down. Then the grandmaw would point her finger at me and put them all back. Then when the phone rang, we would do it all over again. BOL.
There were a few times that I felt kind of guilty. One day, we were walking on the leash and I like to walk in front plus I am very strong. I was pulling ahead and the grandmaw does not walk very fast. I smelled something really interesting in the bush so, I got real deep into the bush and the grandmaw tried to tug me out - my harness slipped over my head and I was free. The grandmaw lives on a very busy street and got all nervous - she tried to grab me and she fell on her bottom. I went to see if she was alright and she grabbed me. I think she thought she caught me but, I was really trying to see if she needed some help getting up. She was really mad at me that day.
Another thing about the grandpawrents house is they do not have a fenced in yard like I have at home. At home, the mommy opens the door and out I go on my own to do my business in private. The grandmaw wanted me to pee and poop while she was watching and I was on the leash. Doesn't she know a girl needs a little privacy? So I refused to go on the leash. We would walk (well I would pull her) and walk and walk and then when we came in I would find a nice private spot in the house. Seemed reasonable to me - she goes in the house.
Then, grandmaw started to have the grandpaw walk me at night - did they think I would go since it was dark? Not quite.
One day, I followed the grandpaw into the garage and did my business in there. After that, the grandpaw would just send me into the garage to go. That seemed like a good compromise. :)
I hope you enjoy my grandpawrents stories - I have more if you would like to hear them.
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Hoomans in Punta Cana - Picture Packed Post

Hola, com esta? Buenos Dias. This is what the hoomas would say every morning while on their trip. The Island people spoke Spanish in the Dominican Republic and were super nice. The hoomans LOVED the resort. They had beautiful weather every day on their trip and spent their time on the beach, at the pool and going out to fancy restaurants for dinner. Here are some of the pics from the pool and beach:
The main pool with the swim up bar. The mommy and daddy liked this!! The pool was massive and wrapped around the corner. It had a bubble tub and got low and then deeper in certain parts. It also had a fountain that the littles swam under. Lots of fun!!

This is the beauwootiful beach. I would have loved to dig in this sand. The littles sure enjoyed themselves here.

Beach girl.

Lounger boy.
They had all sorts of activities you could do on the beach from playing volley ball, para sailing or kayaking. More Fun!!
The resort was so HUGE that the hoomans took this really cool train to get to different places on the resort. There were also guys in golf carts or a horse and buggie that took them around. NICE!!

The resorts had LOTS of places to eat too! There was non-stop food at 3 different buffets, a BBQ on the beach and then 13 restaurants to choose from for dinner. Here are the littles chowing down at the buffet:
Littles love to SLUURRP.
and drink Strawberry Daiquiri's with no alcohol (sooo sweet)
all of the food and drinks were INCLUDED - the mommy and daddy ordered so many of these - that they learned a new word Cervesos - can you guess what that means??
The Restaurants were awesome too. They all required reservations - the hoomans ate Thai, Italian, Mexican, French, Seafood and Japanese Hibachi. Lots of fun and different types of foods to try. This is the mommy and one of the littles at the french restaurant.
and the daddy and littles outside the Thai restaurant.
The mommy said the most amazing thing on the resort were the grounds. They were covered with beautiful plants and flowers everywhere and were designed for total relaxation.
These swings were in the lobby areas and had ponds behind them filled with fish and turtles.
The buildings were all open with no walls and then would have these walkways into beautiful garden areas.
There were comfortable chairs everywhere to relax.

This is one of the areas around the pool. The greenery is amazing. Mommy said the upkeep on the resort must be very time consuming.

There were flamingos and peacocks on the grounds.
There were these lounging gondolas in the lobby areas where you can relax and have a drink. The littles thought they were really cool beds.

The walkways to the rooms were all pavers like this one behind the little.

and the rooms were in small villas around the entire resort.
This was one of the mommy's favorite gardens that had a pond, flowers, a small pathway and cactus plants. Soo pretty.

The resort is designed for relaxation with all of these cool seats around and at night everything is lit with awesome smelling candles.

This is the couch in the hotel room. The daddy took this pic after a lot of cervesos (there is that word again).
The mommy loves flowers and would love to have this plant at our house but we don't think it could take the NJ winters.
Here is the family picture. Can you guess who is missing (and they do not purr)?

It was a Fabulous Vacation. I hope you enjoyed this post of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. If you ever get the chance to visit the hoomans stayed at the Melia Caribe Tropical and it was excellent.
adiĆ³s and loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Car

Blog Disclaimer:
I honestly have no idea how I am going to be able to catch up on all the blogs I love to read. So, if I comment on one of your older posts, please excuse my tardiness.
In order to not have an exceptionally super long post, I am going to make several smaller posts telling you about parts of my trip to granpaw and grandmaw's and then more posts with pictures of what the hoomans did. The posts will spread out over the next few days.

The 2 Hour Car Trip
Well, Gram and Gramps came to pick me up on Saturday to take me back to their house. At first, I thought I was just going for a ride in their car - until the mommy put me in the back seat and closed the door with her on the other side. I jumped up to look out the window and she was waving while we drove away - I ran to the other window to look at her - still waving. I kept looking at her until I could not see her anymore.
The grandpaw and grandmaw were not paying any attention to me and were occupied in the front of the car so, I decided to check out the back seats. I sniffed around a bit and looked out at the scenery. I could not get comfortable so I moved around a lot. We were travelling for a long time, when I noticed some buttons on the door. I went over to the door and leaned my paw on the button and the most amazing thing happened - the glass in the door went down and I got a cool breeze blowing in my face - the air was coming in so fast it made my ears go back and made me snort. It felt Fantastic - I felt free - until - I heard the granpaw say "what is that noise?" and then they both looked back at me and got all crazy eyed, yelling and shuffling around. They somehow took control of the glass and made it rise up and dismantled the button so when I tried it again it did not work. It was really nice to have that breeze blowing - I am not sure why they got all excited. Maybe they thought it was amazing too. After that, we drove for a while longer and I tried to get in the front with them but they kept telling me to lay down in the back. I was persistent trying to show them that the mommy always lets me sit in the front but, they would not budge. Finally after 1899 tries to get in the front, I decided I did not want to upset them so I took a nap until we reached their house. Please tune in tomorrow for more snippets of my trip - P.S. I am not sure I will be invited to come back.

The Mommy is Crazy Busy

I am back but, the mommy is soooo crazy busy she does not have the time to help me post. When she catches up - I have so much to tell you.
Talk soon.
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Thursday, April 9, 2009


The mommy gave me a bath last night to get me all spruced up for the grandpawrents. They are coming to get me tomorrow. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and/or Passover and I will blog with you all when I get back home.
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break Vacation

The hoomans are going on vacation without their beawootiful sweet puggy girl and nosy body three cats. They are going here.

They will be enjoying this:

and this:
for eight whole days. I am being shipped off to my grandpaw and grandmaw's house in NY. The cats are staying home with a house sitter. The mommy has promised that the grandpaw and grandmaw give lots of loves and treats. They will also let me sleep in the bed which is very important. If you remember the last time the hoomans went away they left me at a doggie daycare and I gots so nervous I needed to go to the doctor. This time I will be loved and cuddled to keep me happy and calm. I gets to go for lots of walks too since they don't have a yard and maybe I get to play with my cousin pugs Bella and Max (they are kind of old but I can spruce them up a bit) BOL. I will try to make the best of my stay with the grandpawrents.

So, those of you who are playing pay it forward with me - we will not be sending out our gifty until after the family returns from their trip.

I will also not be able to read everyone's blogs - so I will catch up when I return.

Loves from pugs,

Rosie Marie

Monday, April 6, 2009

Award Tuesday

I got this grand piano from my my new friend Asta. Thank you Asta.

I do think life is grand for all of us doggie bloggers. We are sooo very lucky to have pawrents that let us blog every day (or almost every day) and talk to so many great breeds. I feel very fortunate and I would like to pass this on to some of my friends that comment on my blog and make my day and my life grand:

My boyfriend
Sophie, Dixie and Harley

Love from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Pay It Forward

This weekend I got a package.

It was from my friends Melissa and Emmitt as part of the Pay It Forward Exchange.

For those of you who don't already know, the Pay It Forward exchange is fun and easy to play. Here is the concept...The exchange focuses on doing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return other than that the recipient will, in their turn, pass the kindness along and 'pay it forward' in their own way.

So here is how it works...The first 3 people who comment on this post and want to play, please peemail me your mailing address so that I may send you a surprise.

Then all you do is post a Pay It Forward Exchange on your blog, link back to me, and send the first 3 people to comment on your post a little surprise. It does not have to be expensive, store bought or even handmade. It can be whatever you want to send to make someone smile.

Want to see what Melissa and Emmitt sent me? It is really really nice. Do you wanna see it - wanna see it?

Ta Da:

It is a hand drawn picture of a beawootiful pug (that looks like me) and pug address labels for the mommy, pug to do note paper and pug weekly schedule paper so I can write down my whole social calender. Melissa is a very talented artist and has all of this really cool stuff at her website. She also has an etsy account and makes a lot of special crafts for charities, etc. She is Pawsome - go see for yourself and tell her and Emmitt - Hello.

So, if you would like to play with me, please be one of the first 3 to comment and let me know you are playing. Just peemail me your address so I can send you a fun gifty and then you can pass along the Pay It Forward on your blog to 3 more people!

Just a note: if you want to play - my hoomans are going away for a few days on spring break so your gifty will not come until they return.
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Friday, April 3, 2009

CATS 1 2 3

This is a picture of me on my Gotcha Day. The mommy and the littles picked me up and brought me to my house for the first time. I was feeling very happy and then, I realized that I was not alone.....I saw the CATS 1 2 3

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009