Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello 2009

I am very excited about this new year. We actually kicked it off with a visit to the dog park and I met a new Pug friend named Cozmo. He was so much fun to play with and we had a good time running around with the other "small" dogs. When we first arrived, the Mommy let me run around in the "large" dog area for a while with my friend Neptune. Running with the big dogs is a lot of fun, but the Mommy gets nervous sometimes because they all have big teeth and don't always play nice. Neptune had a little scuffle with a German Shepard and his Daddy took him home. That is when we went to play with the "small" dogs.
I love the dog park so much that one of my New Year's resolutions for 2009 is to have the Mommy take me to the dog park at least 2x per month. This is probably an easy resolution to stick to since the Mommy likes to go as much as me :) (that is why I love the mommy).
Another one of my New Year's resolution is to stop begging for pancakes in the morning from the littles. I already broke this resolution this morning :( - the smell of pancakes is too tempting to not beg. I will try again tomorrow morning.
My last resolution for 2009 is to try to pee and poop outside all the time. I know the Mommy just went to a lot of trouble to clean every rug in the whole house and I would not want to stain them up again - this is another very difficult one to keep, but I will try my hardest.
I hope you are all trying to stick to your resolutions and I want to wish you Good Luck!

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