Monday, January 26, 2009

A Pug Poem by Rosie

My new dog food is yummy and I like it very much
but mommy says it gives me gas and
sticks a whole bunch;

I have been good with my poo poo and
have been going outside
however when I have bad gas
it stinks a lot inside;

I guess the family should be happy that
they have no mess to clean
but when my butt stinks so bad
they act a little mean;

They smell the stinky smell
and look all around
and then they see me
laying on the ground;

I look at them with my big brown eyes
with a little twinkle
because I know my poopy smell
will make their noses wrinkle!!!!
Poem by: Rosie


Unknown said...

haha, that is a great poem, Rosie! What food did your mommy decide on? The puggies here have a lot of gas too, but they are on good food with lots of fiber, which is what causes it....

The Devil Dog said...

Hahaha That is great Rosie. My bum burps have nothing on dad's, so he can't complain. Mom just laughs.


Unknown said...

hi Rosie - we have an award for you over at our blog!!