Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jet # 1 of the Three

When I started this blog, my intention was to talk about my life and how I am living with 3 cats. Many times, I do not talk about the cats because they are pretty boring. All they do is lay around all day and try to avoid me. In fact, only one of them will even come near me. His name is Jet. So today, I will blog about Jet so you can learn who he is and how I feel about him.
This is Jet:

As you can see, he is very, very, very hairy. So hairy, that I heard the mommy say that she has developed allergies to cat hair from Jet. Jet also likes to sit on the mommy's lap which is my favorite place to sit too so we fight for attention.
See us fighting:

We don't try to hurt each other - we are just play fighting. I enjoy these scuffles since I do not have another dog to play with even though I know I could whoop him good if I wanted too. The mommy says "Rosie be easy on him".

Jet is 1 years old and lived in the house before me. He stays inside, but lately likes to sneak in the back yard - I think this is because he sees me go outside and is jealous. He also thinks that when I get a good girl cookie, he should get a kitty treat. I don't know why - he did not do anything good.

Jet also likes to eat my dinner which is not fair because the mommy puts his dinner up high so I can't get at it - so many times he gets to eat a little of both.
Jet also likes to sleep in my crate.
See Jet in my crate:

Yesterday, the daddy put me in my crate on his way out the door and locked me in their not knowing that Jet was in there too. We had to sit together in those close quarters for quite sometime until the daddy came back home. (Not Funny).
All in all I guess I like this hairy guy - he has become my playmate and companion. I would miss him if he accidentally snuck out the back door and got lost.
Coming soon - Jet's Sister, Gabby #2 of the Three

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Unknown said...

I know you said the crate story about you and Jet in close quarters is (not funny), but we definitely lol'ed. Sorry!!