Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Update

The mommy took me to the dog park again this weekend. I think she likes to go as much as I do. We will have to remember to bring the camera next time. The littles come too. They like to climb in the trees while I run around and around with the other dogs. There was this one dog there this weekend that kept barking at me. I was not sure if he liked me or was yelling at me! He looked like this:
He was not barking at any of the other dogs - just me. At first, I thought he wanted to play but, then he had a little bit of an attitude. I just snorted in his face and smelt his but. The mommy said that I put my nose where it does not belong and that is why he was barking at me. I guess he does not know Pug lingo.
Snarf, Sniff, Snort,

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Unknown said...

Those hounds! They always think they have something *really* important to do, and that god gave them those loud obnoxious barks just to tell people all about it. HARUMPH!