Friday, December 19, 2008

Last night and the Santa Patrol

Last night was crazy and exciting! There were lots of sirens and flashing lights outside. The littles were running around the house looking out all the windows. I ran around following them because it looked like fun. They were saying there "he" is and here "he" comes. They said "he" was riding on a big red truck. I never actually got to see "him", but I felt the excitement so much so that I did pee pee on the floor by the back door. Whatever "he" was doing it sure got the littles all riled up!
I also got a bath last night. The mommy said that I was stinky and since I was digging a big hole in the backyard that I had to get a bath if I wanted to sleep in her bed which of course I did. The bath was very warm and nice. The mommy even put me in my nice warm sweater after I was all dry. :)

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