Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Pictures

My Mommy took these Thanksgiving pictures. This is the place where I did not get to go. Notice the very nice fireplace and dining room. Also, notice all of the Turkey that I did not get to eat.

This is Bella and Max (my cousins). Max looks mean, but he is actually a nice Pug. They got to eat the Turkey shown above. They are like my grandparents age so, I guess they deserve all that Turkey.

I will have some more pictures posted tomorrow. Please come back and take a peek!


Unknown said...

what?? other pugs, but not you?? how unjust!

Rosie said...

I know!! My Mommy said that since I like to pee on the floor, it was not a good idea to bring me to our cousin's house. Imagine worrying about a little pee pee.