Monday, December 1, 2008


Hi - I am back. Well Mommy is back to turn on the computer so I can blog again. I have some pictures to post, but I forgot the camera in the car so maybe tomorrow I will put them up.
Mommy went to our cousin's house for Thanksgiving with the littles and they had a lot of fun. They even got to see my two pug cousins Max and Bella. Mommy took some pictures of them and boy did they get gray!! I will post them tomorrow so you can see what I mean!
I stayed home with Daddy and we ate and slept and ate and slept - perfect weekend for both of Us! We also bonded by passing gas together (another Daddy and Pug special moment)!!
Mommy came home on Saturday and took me to the dog park - there were a lot of little dogs there to play with and I ran and ran and ran - it was GRRRRREAT!
On Sunday, the littles and Daddy got the tree from downstairs and put it in the living room. Then the littles decorated it with all of these shiny things! They put me in my crate while they were taking out all the stuff because I am very nosey (well that's what mommy said)!! So, when they let me out I had to go and see what all of this stuff was - the cats even like to lay under this tree. Mommy told me not to pee on it. I thought that was weird because I don't pee on trees (I am a girl). Silly Mommy!!

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