Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Littles Gingerbread House

The littles decided to make a Gingerbread House. Although they are not as talented as these folks Goodboy Norman Featherstone: 2008 Gingerbread House Competition, I think for 5 and 7 it turned out quite nice. Plus they were very proud of themselves and me of them!
Here they are hard at work:

And here is the finished product. This is the front of the house (both sides) - notice the gummy walkway and Christmas wreath at the top.
Here is the back - nice window boxes.
and their favorite the roof top.
Mommy helped them a little with mixing the icing, but they did most of it all by themselves. Pugs were not allowed to help. I think they thought I would eat it all. They are probably right!


Unknown said...

Did you bake the ton of cookies yet???

Unknown said...

That is fantastic! Tell them I think they did a great job!

Rosie said...

Thank you.
and Jim, The cookie swap is this Sunday. I will bring the camera!!