Friday, September 11, 2009

Mom Remembers

I am reading all the posts about 9/11. So I asked my mom about that day.
Mom remembers......
It was a Tuesday. I was just back to work about 1 week after being on maternity leave with the oldest little. I had a commute of approx. 45 minutes back then so I dropped off the little at her sitter around 7am and headed to work. My commute involved going over a bridge and mostly highway roads. I remember thinking how beautiful the weather was that day when I was going over the bridge. I got to work around 8am and did the usual signing on the computer etc. The girl that sits next to me was the first to say anything about the tragedy. Her husband worked in NYC and called her saying that something hit one of the towers. We thought at first it was just a terrible accident and then the second tower was hit. People were getting worried - many had family members who worked in the towers. We could actually see the smoke from one of the windows of our building which was located in NJ. Immediately, management started telling us we could go home if we wanted. I always respected that because my fear was that they would close all the bridges and I would not get home to my new born baby. I left and headed to the sitters. Many of my friends were stuck because they could not get over the bridge back into NY - the bridges to and from NY were all closed down.
We were not sure if we were under attack or at war.
Very scary day and sad for so many.
God Bless the volunteers who helped after the tragedy.
God Bless all the survivors who lost loved ones and
of course, Rest in Peace all of those who were lost.
I will never forget.


The WriggleButts said...

Thank you for sharing your experience!


Martha said...

What a dreadful day it was and to actually be there must have been terrifying.
I was also at work in Scotland but out on a visit in my car and heard it on the radio.
I had to stop the car - it was so awful.
It touched us all - I can understand your feelings of trying to get home to your baby and you just back at work.
Thanks for telling us about it and for your lovely tribute to all who were there to help, those lost and of course those families who continue to live each day with that loss. None of should ever forget.

Kelly said...

Hi Rosie and momma, thank you for sharing your 9/11 experience with us. It must have been so scary to be that close to NY- I can't imagine.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Thanks for sharing this....

It is truly day that has taught us so much yet we still have so much learning to do as to how we best put those lessons to good use...

Khyra and Her Mom

Hank said...

Rosie, honey.....that wuz quite a day, huh? Seems like a lifetime ago. But I guess it wuz. This ol' world has never been the same since.

God luv ya, honey.