Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Award Tuesday and My BF Harry

My BF Harry P gave me this very nice award. “It’s a special magical ‘fairy tale’ slipper bestowed on those who bring a little ‘magic’ into our lives via their blog’s creativity!” Thank you Harry.You all know that I confessed my love for Harry a while back and we went on a great Valentine's Day date. I am still waiting for him to ask me out again, but I know he is a very popular pug and in great demand with the other ladies. My mommy told me not to ask him out because it is not lady like so I am patiently waiting

and waiting

and waiting

and waiting

While I wait, I would like to pass this award onto a new blog I started reading that is truly amazing - you should all check out Petey's Awesome Production of Beagadoon.
Rosie Marie


Archie and Melissa said...

hi rosie!

you look so cute waiting. we love all of your photos!

thank you for the new link to check out!

m & e

Kelly said...

Hi Rosie! I just know Harry will ask you out again soon! Don't worry!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the shout out and the award, Rosie! You know my girlfriend's name is Rosie, so I have a soft spot for other cute girls with that name. I think I'd better go bark some sense into Harry's hairy head. Maybe we can go on a double date!

Thanks again!

Your pal,


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Woo look so khute waiting!

Let's hope Harry gets his tail in gear and paws woo again soon!

PeeEssWoo: Petey's produkhtion was fantastikh!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hey Rosie...My name is Lacie...I'm a Lakeland terrer and a friend of Petey's...he asked me to stop by to offer you some obviously MUCH NEEDED ADVICE 'bout ur situation with Harry.

Waiting,Smating...sheesh...no girl...now listen...



Frankly, I'm thinkin' we might need to meet for coffee...BUT...

Here's a few flirting lessons...

1. Keep ur eyes downcast and then steal little glances at ur Harry battin' ur lashes furiously...

2. Call his cell and tell him you pawsitively can't meet him this Saturday...cuz you already have a date...if you need one...ask Petey...he'll have a suggestion.

3. Make a trip to the mall...play around with some new lipsticks...charcoal blush is my old go-to lippie stick when I need my charms at my sharpest. Ya might wanna spiff up ur nails with a pedicure...try Black Pearl polish by Dopi....it's totally FAB....

Oh...and stand in front of a mirror for at least an hour every day practicin' an allurin' kinda walk....wiggle,girl, wiggle...

Come and see me...I have more tricks than oh never mind...

If you need references see Toffee...she was in the Beagledoon pawformance...with Eric square dog...she was one of my students...fast learner, that one!



Martha said...

Hi Rosie Marie
We saw you on Petey's blog and thought we would pop over and say Hi!
We are two girls and appreciate your current dilemma re waiting to be asked for a date. You look pretty cute waiting but we think you should go ahead and ask - Girl Power!!!
Nice to meet you.
Martha & Bailey xx
ps you remind us of King Simba's new sister Jazzi - have you seen their blog?

The Devil Dog said...

Hi Rosie. What sad photos of you waiting. I think you should take matters into your own hands and ask Harry what's up!


Harry Pugalicious said...

My dearest Rosie,

Sorry I's been kind of absent lately. I blames it on my Mom. She's been working a lot (blah blah blah) and she's been kinda blue so I's been spending most of my time trying to cheer her up.

You won't has to wait much longer, promise!