Thursday, October 8, 2009

Up To Speed

Hi Rosie Here,
As you all heard I have been locked up in my crate and the mommy has been hacking into my blog. I have been a VERY good girl and have been following all the "good dog" instructions like going outside to pee and poop, not chewing on the furniture, etc. but she STILL is putting me in the farkakte (S-dog word) crate. I even have been going to my "old" bye bye spot on the couch where I use to go lay down during the day when the mommy was at work and she is still not getting the hint. I thought this morning she fur sure would have let me stay free but no she scooped me up and put me in the crate. *sigh* How long will this go on????

On a happier note, as you can see from yesterday's pictures with Jet he is all healed up (if you don't remember what happened to the poor guy look here). He is back to his old self (and he smells good too). He is still a little on the stoopid side though - can you believe that when the mommy lets me out of the crate he actually goes in their to sleep - what a cat turd. BOL.

Well finally, I will leave you with some pictures of me playing with some toys I found outside in our yard yesterday. Windy Days Rock!!!
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

He's a khat!

What do woo expekht?


Martha said...

Hi Rosie, we were pleased to see Jet back to his old self in your earlier post.
We are sorry you are in your crate during the day but we expect is is warm and cosy!
Well done on being such a good girl.
We love windy days too - great smells just now amongst all those leaves.
love you lots
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Archie and Melissa said...

hi rosie!

oh we are so happy that jet is feeling so much better.

new routines are fun otherwise you always know what is going to happen next. sounds like you are doing great!

have a wonderful weekend!

m & e

Kelly said...

Hi Rosie! I am so glad to hear that you're being such a good girl. I bet if you keep it up, you will be out of that crate soon.
I, on the other hand, took a top secret poop in the house this morning. I hid it under the coffee table! hehehe!
xoxo Pearl

Winston Wilbur said...

Rosie, we must not forget that Jet is a feline aka cat. They simply are just not as smart as us Puggies. Too bad your momma doesn't lock him up in the crate as he seems to love it so much. I sure BOL'd when I watched the video of you and Jet. My sibling cat, Kizzy, is quite aggressive and I have tried the tail nip thing on her but boy did she get cat mad at me!!!! Now I just let her think she is in control and rules the roost but I know differently who is in charge here! The thing is I heard mum say that her Kizzy is "the leader of our pack". Whatever..... hoomans don't know much sometimes either!

pug hugs Winston

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

He goes into the crate...he is not very smart then we agrees. Cute pictures of you outsides!

Mia said...

What's wrong with that darn kitty??? Doesn't he know that's your crate not his?? I may not always get along with the kitties in my house, but none of the would dare to sleep in my crate!!! They know that's for PUGS ONLY!!!!

Hope you have a great weekend =)


Hank said...

Rosie, honey.....good girl!!! Yea, I know it's fun tuh poo and pee wherever ya want, but take it from me.....when mom ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.

As fer that Jet guy....yep, most cats are missin' a few bricks in their chimneys. They ain't right, I tell ya!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Rosie
I am so happy to hear that Jet is better, but he sounds a little silly to me. What does he think the crate is a cave?
We are very proud of you for being such a patient good girl!

Salinger The Pug said...

Rosie, we're so glad to hear that your remedial training is going well! Hopefully you'll be out of PugJail before you know it and then you'll have to be a bit more stealthy with your present leaving.

As for Jet...I guess we're glad he's better, but whatevs.


Pee. S. FARKAKTE!!!!