Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Update

WOW WEE - Another Great Weekend.
Well Saturday was not that great it rained a lot - but Sunday was FUN FUN FUN. Mommy and the little humans brought me here
We (I) had a blast running around with a few of the other small doggies. I hope the Pug group will join me here one day.

I did have one not so great moment this weekend. My Mommy bought me these new rawhide chicken bones which taste ohhhhh so good and I ate a lot of them yesterday. I was eating my 3rd or 4th one for the day and was having such a good time chewing and chewing and then all of a sudden it jumped into my throat and I could not spit it out. I tried to gag and it was stuck. I ran over to Mommy so fast and showed her I could not gag and she stuck her fingers down my throat and pulled it out. WHEW that was a relief. I was shaking I was so scared. Mommy said it was alright now and we would get rid of those bones. I actually was hoping she would have given me a new one, but no such luck.
Well catch ya later,

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