Monday, November 24, 2008

Suitcases, Slippers and Treats

The cats are in an uproar because the suitcases are out of the closet. What does that mean? I feel like I am missing something that should concern me. I will have to wait and see what these suitcases are up to.
As you can tell, Dadddy has gotton over his problem with soiling his slippers and I am back to my old self and free to blog. I have noticed that I am receiving less treats though. I even heard Mommy say something about me getting fat and limiting my snacks. Imagine a Pug on a diet - what a funny thought. Sometimes if the little humans leave their breakfast lying around, I can just reach the top of the end table to get it on the floor. When all else fails, I just knock over the big can and all the uneaten items come rolling out. Major snack time!!
Do you have any resourceful tips on how to get treats? It looks like I will have to come up with some new ideas if they are actually going to force a diet on me.
Hope you are all snacking well - I am starving!
Well catch ya later,


Unknown said...

Hi Rosie - glad you are back to blogging. My puggies have given in to the idea of doing "tricks" for treats. When I say 'sit' or 'down' or 'up' or 'roll over' *sometimes* they do what I say, and then they get a treat!
They have had to cash in a little of their pride, but any puggie is willing to do that for a milk bone, no?

Rosie said...

Yes - I will sit when asked and get a cookie, but I was wondering if Winston and Clementine have any "sneaky" ways of getting treats? My mommy and daddy have me on a diet so I need to be resourceful in my ways to get extra food - as you know, us pugs love to eat!!
Hope you and I enjoy our Turkey's!!