Friday, November 21, 2008

Gabby Blogger

Gabby girl here (that's me in the pic) blogging for Rosie. Rosie is in the doghouse (he he) because she pooped in the little boys room and then the Daddy stepped in it (YUP) you read that correctly. He must have been 1/2 a sleep to miss the stuff and squish there it went into the carpet and all over his new slippers. Very gross. So, needless to say the pug was in BIG trouble. Once you get the Daddy mad, your doomed!!
I actually thought it was pretty funny since it did not affect me in any way and you may already know that I don't particular care for the Pug. My brother (Jet) can tolerate her and actually plays with her sometimes but, I prefer to keep my distance. All that snorting and dog slobbering stuff is not for a feline like me.
I watch from a top the bed where she can't reach me and run away when she tries to catch me. Sometimes I give her a good hiss to tell her who is boss. The Mommy likes her though and she is VERY SPOILED by the Mommy. Jet and the Pug fight for the Mommy's attention, the Pug usually wins because she sticks her big snorty self right in the Mommy's face. I wonder why Jet even tries! Enjoy your weekend!
Gabby, the female feline

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