Monday, December 20, 2010

We are Going Down Down Down Down Down

This week's weigh In: 24.6. I am down .8 from last week.

Plus, the Mommy lost another pound. Down 6 total in two weeks.

We are on a mission for 2011.

Other than diet, we have been taking our walks.

Buster and I have made a pact to antagonize the cats as much as possible and have been doing a great job. The hoomans are not so happy about this pact but, Buster and I think it is great. Whenever one of us sees a cat on the floor they are free game to bark and chase and the cats go running like crazy (he he). I know we should be nice this time of year but, we just can't resist the chase - and those cats are soooo fun to chase.

Hope you are all getting ready for Santa paws!
Sure hope Buster and I don't get any coal maybe we should layoff until after the New Year - hmmm Nah!

Loves from pugs,
Rosie Maire


Southern Fried Pugs said...

Chasing cats counts as exercise, right? That's good. You must be on Santa's nice list to exercise so much.

Winston Wilbur said...

YEAH for the weight loss. Um about that cat chasing, I thinks maybe stop and then take it up agains on Dec 26..... after Santa has been!


Dexter said...

Oh boy! You are inspiring my momma. She says she is starting her exercise program tomorrow! Yup. Even a little is more than nothing, so wish her luck.