Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Before I list my items for Thankful Thursday - I want to announce that I will not be posting tomorrow because I will be preparing for the big trick or treat walk that I will be taking with mommy, daddy and the little humans tomorrow.

I will be resting in the am, getting dressed in my costume in the early afternoon and trick or treating in the late afternoon/evening. I will also be attending the Pug Meet up this weekend and will tell you all about it next week!

Now - It is time to think of the things we are thankful for:
1) I am getting my stitches out today!!! YAHOO - I can lick there again!!!
2) For my new harness by Puppia. I LOVE IT and so does Mommy. I got the orange to go with my apricot coloring.
Well have a woofie weekend and catch ya later,

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