Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hot and I don't mean Sexy

When the mommy and littles were on vacation, I stayed with the daddy who does not blog, does not take me for walks and does not take me for car rides so basically we stayed home and went in the yard - yada yada yada BORING. He also does not take pictures so nothing to share from the week we stayed together other than that he was good to me and we bonded.

So now the mommy and littles are home and were feeling sorry for me since I have not been out of the house for like a gazillion million trillion years so they decided to take me somewhere.
I was so excited just to get in the car I was all smiles.

My excitement grew when I saw where we were going. The place where the pets go.

We got some necessities like dog food and cat food and then we stopped to get my nails clipped. The mommy's camera was acting up so we did not get a picture of how good I was while the lady cut my nails. She said I was so cute and of good quality :) (I like her).

After the store, we went back into the car and it was hot hot hot - I was panting and snorting like an overheated pug.

I was actually glad to get back home into the AC. I can see why us pugs are made for the indoors. Now it is time for a nap.

Loves from pugs, Rosie Marie


Martha said...

Hi Rosie
We didn't know pugs were made for the indoors!
We were just thinking how your Dad should have taken you out for walks - still he fed you and looked after you and you did have the yard - and it was only a week....
You had a very cool trip out with your little humans.
We wish that we were good and brave getting our nails done but we have to confess we're not!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

That was furry furry nice of your mom and The Littles to take woo some place!

Tank woo fur sharing!


Kelly said...

Hi Rosie! I am so glad you got to take a trip to Petco! I wish my momma would take me places more often. The only time I am in the car is to go to the v-e-t, so I am very scared of car rides! We need to work on that!

Mia said...

I feel ya Rosie!!! I went to Petco on Sunday with the momma and the daddy to represent KPR and I like to have died walking from the car to the store and back again. I like to go bye-bye, but not in this heat!!!!! Give me the ac any day =)

Harry Pugalicious said...

What a fun trip, Rosie! I was at the pet store LAST weekend!

I thinks you's hot in the sexy way too ;-) Woof!!!