Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Times are tough and we all hate to see others suffer. That is why it is bittersweet to announce that the mommy actually survived the cut and still has her job. We are happy but, also sad for those who were not so lucky. Thank you for all of your crossed paws they really paid off and please say a little prayer for all the hoomans in the world who lost their jobs - we know how hard it is to find a new one in this economy.
I also want to send pugthoughts to a special sibe husky that my friend Khyra is praying for, Laska, if anyone can help Laska, please visit the site and lend your paws.
Thank you.
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie


Martha said...

Hi Rosie
We are pleased for your mom but understand what you are saying - it will be hard for your mom as she will be workmates with so many who lose their job.
Not an easy time.
We have our paws crossed for Laska as well as Dakota.
Martha & Bailey xxxx

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

That is grrrreat news!

Yes, it is sad when others aren't as furtunate...

Tank woo fur khrossing your paws and getting the word out fur Laska!

It has been a furry rough week fur us -

I'm glad we have each other -


Asta said...

Wif all these awful things happening to ouw fuwwfwiends and hoomans, it's gweat to heaw that youw Mom made the cut.
smoochie kisses

The Devil Dog said...

We are glad your mom survived the job cuts, but we understand how hard it is to be a "survivor". It is a very scary world out there, right now. We hope it gets better for everyone and we hope Laska finds her way home!