Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dangerous Toy - Warning

I am cross-posting this message:

Please post this link to everyone you know that may be affected by this dangerous toy alert!

Please look through all of your dog toys and make sure that your dogs do NOT have access to a toy called the Pimple Ball with Bell (Item #20227-001, UPC Code 0 4566320227 9) manufactured by Four Paws Inc. (see picture)
This toy has been responsible for seriously injuring at least two dogs, one dog had to have its tongue amputated. Click here to read about Chai's ordeal after his tongue became stuck inside the ball, and the subsequent amputation of his tongue (please note, there are graphic pictures of the damage caused by this ball)

The design of the ball creates a vacuum while the dog is chewing on the ball and the tongue becomes stuck inside the ball causing constriction and swelling. Chai is not the only dog that has been injured while playing with this ball. Concerned dog owners have contacted the manufacturer of this toy. The company stands by the toy, but has claimed that they are voluntarily recalling the toy to retool it so that it is safe. They claim to have contacted their distributors and told them to return their stock of this toy until the retooled toy can replace it.
We are unsure as to when this voluntary recall was enacted, but we've done a google search (as of 20 August 2008 at 7 p.m.) and have found up to 22 stores that are still carrying this product.

Please crosspost to every dog owner that you know and warn them of this toy. If you see this toy in a pet store, please notify the manager that this toy is considered dangerous and that the manufacturer claims to have voluntarily recalled the toy. Have the manager contact the manufacturer directly and encourage them to remove it from the shelves.

If you see someone on the Internet that is still selling this toy, please feel free to e-mail them with the following:The Four Paws Pimple Ball with Bell (Item #20227-001, UPC Code 0 4566320227 9) listed on your site has severely injured several dogs. Allen Simon, the President and CEO of Four Paws Inc. has responded to e-mail inquiries and has assured his customers that it is voluntarily recalling this toy and says it has notified its vendors of this recall. We would not like to hear of other dogs being injured by this toy, so please remove this toy from your inventory, and if possible, notify your customers that this toy can be dangerous to their pet. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Haley Birk or Mr. Simon directly from their Web site: or calling their number at: (631) 434-1100.

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